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Agent Interview – Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston – Raleigh Real Estate

Canady Thomas, Recruiting Manager, HPW interviews Steve Gunter, a self-made real estate agent who became one of this organization’s top producing agents with no prior real estate experience. He started out as a part time agent while working long shifts as a police officer.

What is important in looking for a real estate company to work with? Steve is a team builder in the Raleigh real estate market. How did he get started? None of his family or associates were in the real estate business. His father owns a body shop and inspired him to own his business. Steve moved to Raleigh in 2008 and struggled between 2 part time jobs for a year prior to going to work for the Raleigh police, putting in 12 to 16 hour days. He would finish his shift and change to a suit and went out prospecting for real estate business. He lived a frugal lifestyle until he built up his real estate business until he could make the leap to full-time real estate. He sold a house in Raleigh and his agent was from HPW and encouraged his aspirations to work with a top-grade real estate brokerage.

Steve says that HPW is the number one real estate firm in this market. Joining HPW as a new agent, to him, was a no brainer.

Steve Gunter, HPW agent and team builder, Interview with Canady Thomas
480Steve Gunter, HPW agent and team builder, Interview with Canady Thomas